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My Story

The creative mind never sleeps. It is constantly moving, putting images, sounds, textures and feelings into a story that it can tell. I have personally never been able to shelve that part of who I am. I am forever learning a new technique that I can integrate into my art.

I began my artistic journey as a young child, working my way through art school and out into the real world. I started with offering commissioned paintings to clients, followed by digital design and eventually story telling through photography and writing. I began offering family and boudoir photography in order to be able to tell someone else's story, through colour and composition. I am always following social trends with personal content creation. My journey does not end there. In 2017 I began the process of writing my first novel. It is currently in the final stages of production before it moves to an online publisher where it will be available for purchase. 

Rise of the Elite - 3D.png


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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